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Established in 1992 and is located in the beautiful city of Rotorua, New Zealand Supreme Natural Foods Ltd. aims to promote and develop natural health deer products as a supplement for good health and longevity to people around the world.
Licensed with the New Zealand Food Safety Authority for the production of fish, meat, game and game meat products, as well as the export of game and game meat products, and must comply with its strict Acts and regulations to ensure only the highest quality products are produced for local and export markets.


Our managing director and founder, Dr Ho Po Kin, is a third generation Doctor of Chinese medicine. His father was also a famous doctor in Guangzhou. Dr Kin has spent many years researching deer products and has substantial experience in the deer industry.

Management and Staff

We also employ many highly skilled key personnel:

Roger Wong
Factory manager who graduated from Auckland University of Technology;

Bao Bang He
Production Manager who graduated from Guangzhou University;

Along with 20 full-time highly trained staff who help deliver high-quality products.

New Zealand Supreme Natural Foods Ltd.

Due to recent business expansion, NZSNF has set up a new company called New Zealand Supreme Deer Developments Ltd., to concentrate on new products and business development with Paul Selwyn as General Manager. Paul has wide experience in meat and venison exporting and business development, has worked as a production manager and managed a number of other export venison businesses. Paul has also worked for NZMAF as a meat inspector for 16 years in the game meat industry.

New Zealand Supreme Natural Foods licensed premises is able to:

NZSNF is licensed by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA). License number PH435. As a licensed exporter, NZSNF also supplies you with copies of product testing certificates and scientific analysis of nutritional qualities.

Quality Assurance

We are committed to producing high quality products from locally sourced materials. Our licensed premises is regularly audited by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) for compliance with their strict quality and regulatory systems.

New Zealand Supreme Natural Foods licensed premises is able to:

Contract Process Trade

NZSNF specializes in processing and adding value to deer velvet and deer by-products. We provide the following services;

Capsule Production

We will meet the requirements of both large and small food processing premises and can source products for you, or you can provide us with the raw materials as long as they come with MAF certification.

Export/Import & Business Development

As a subsidiary of New Zealand Supreme Natural Foods Ltd., the aim of the new company is to explore any new business opportunities within the industry and develop new kinds of products. It is managed by Paul Selwyn, who has many years experience in the industry.

The services provided by the company include;


Mission Statement

Training to supply an assurance of quality to your end product by the implementation of superior management practices and principles. New Zealand Supreme International Agribusiness Institute (NZSIAI) provides courses that look at farming practices from layout and design right through to the processed or manufactured product. NZSIAI courses are developed, delivered and reviewed in English and Chinese. Courses can be delivered in New Zealand, in which case NZSIAI can assist with travel, immigration and accommodation requirements. An option also exists for us to deliver our courses in your home state or province.

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